I always want to discuss all abnormal tests results with you during an office visit. Once we receive a report, be it a blood test, x-ray, MRI etc., we will call you to make an appointment.

We are always happy to make you copies of your test results, but most labs will provide you directly with a copy if you did ask for it.

If you don't hear from us, then, please, call us, because it means we do not have your test results. They might have gone to your previous physician’s office. No news literally means “No News”. Again, call us.

If another physician or provider or clinic ordered a test for you, please, always follow up with them, even if they told you, that they have sent me a “cc” courtesy copy. I will not call you with results of tests, which were ordered by another provider. Nevertheless I am always available and willing to discuss any test results with you. You would just have to take the initiative and call my office and make an appointment.