At the time of your visit I will provide you with prescriptions for your various conditions. They will have a number of refills also appropriate to your specific need and condition.

When you pick up your prescription from the pharmacy, check the bottle for the correct medication, dosage, instructions, number of tablets and very importantly also refills.

When you pick up your last refill, then give us a call and make an appointment for a follow up visit. You will for example either need your blood pressure rechecked or you might need a blood test to reassess if you still need your medication at the same dosage or if you need a different medication.

I will not "call in" medications for an acute illness, for example a sinusitis, without properly evaluating you first during an office visit. For this reason I established the “same day appointments”. This policy ensures that you receive the most appropriate treatment.

Very importantly: all controlled substance prescriptions require an office visit.