To All My Dear Clients!

My office will close on May 31st, 2019. I will take semi retirement / semi sabbatical time to travel and visit friends and family here and in Europe. I might return to medical work next year in some fashion. It is difficult to stop doing what I am trained to do and love to do. You all were certainly a main reason why I loved practicing medicine so much. It is truly a privilege to know you and having been trusted to help you. I know we will see each other all over town, because I certainly will stay in Santa Fe.

What happens next?

Dr. Mehul Daulat is a young Doctor of Osteopathy, Board Certified in Internal Medicine, who is just starting his own private medical office. He would love to see all of you as new clients in his office. He accepts all insurances including Medicare and Medicaid. His phone number: 505-780-8381. His current office address is at 2213 Brothers Road, Suite 700, Santa Fe, NM 87505.

Medical records: If you already have transferred your care to another medical provider or will do so by May 31st, 2019, that is were your medical records will be. All other medical records of clients, who have seen me in 2017/2018/2019, will be transferred to Dr. Daulat. He will become the custodian of your records. You can contact him, if you need a copy for any reason including choosing another physician instead of him. I will maintain all other records for 10 years from your last visit as required in NM.

If you need access to records from 2016 and older, please, contact me directly at Please, include name, DOB and approximate date of last visit.
This email is truly only for medical records requests and not for medical questions. Those should be addressed to your new medical provider.